Get Help

I have never liked the idea of anti depressants, I always looked on them as an easy way out, like sticking your head in the sand instead of dealing with a situation head on.  The fact is that I had never had a situation I my life that merited their use, and therefore couldn’t really make a fair assessment of their benefit.

In the past I have been the person who would stand up in front of an incoming storm with my arms out wide and an insane grin on my face shouting at the world to do it’s best, I knew without any doubt I was stronger and tougher than anything the world and all the people in it could throw at me.

Back then of course I was, but since discovering my wife’s affair I struggle to work, sleep or think straight and I need help. I swallowed my pride and went to the doctors, I broke down in tears on his floor and after fifteen minutes of nonsense finally manged to explain why I was there. Doctors are professionals, they care, they want to help and he did. Even talking about it helps and I was prescribed Sertraline   .

I still hate the thought of tablets but at least I can think clearly enough to do so. I am not suggesting that you should march in to the doctors demanding happy pills, after all they only just (with a bit of personal effort) take the edge of things but if you need help go and get it, don’t sit waiting for it to be offered as is probably wont. So stop reading about help / therapy / medication etc and pick the phone up, You will thank yourself before you put the phone down.


2 thoughts on “Get Help

  1. Counseling / Therapy is like medication for your soul. In order to make it through this trauma, you and your wife will need to create something entirely brand new. I can’t imagine how I would have done this without the guidance of a counselor. Your wife will need to learn to communicate her needs to you…and you will learn to provide a safe place for her to do that. It’s all part of the process. I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is difficult. Gut wrenching. But you can do this.

    1. Thanks again for the comment, Yes it is heart wrenching, It would be wrong to suggest otherwise, Whilst I have lived my life full of confidence I welcome any help, medical or otheriwse because sometime we all need a boost

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