The test of time

Most have given up the fight already, they lie scattered across the ground where they are unceremoniously kicked aside or dragged to one side in a bid to keep the through-way clear. Most have fallen and indeed there are not many left now.

Hope is a strange thing and although it is without doubt utterly pointless, even Mother Nature will fight against itself because of this there remain still a few who are determined and unwilling to accept the inevitable conclusion that can only be a matter of days away.

There wilted now all the colour which only recently showed signs strength and growth has been replaced by a scarlet rage at the sudden change in fortune bought on them by the moving of the seasons.

I watched them through the window, it was clear that the wind and rain were going to show no mercy and those final leaves would join where the others had fallen before them, it made me think of an end, it made me think of hope, of looking forward already to spring and the start of new growth and beginnings. My wife and I are shedding the last leaves of the marriage we have shared over the last fifteen years, and we look ahead now to our spring confident in knowing that whilst the change in seasons may occasionally strip us of everything we have, we will, like the oak trees, endure and withstand the tests of time.    


4 thoughts on “The test of time

  1. What do you mean when you say some have already given up the fight? Are you referring to those that decided marriage was no longer an option? If so, I don’t see that as “giving up” at all. I see it as them being strong enough to leave a cheating spouse and carry on with their life. I could be wrong about the meaning though, but I couldn’t see any other explanation.

    1. Hi Ms. Marie,
      Good point but if i,m honest I was simply referring to the leaves as what they are and not trying to use them as a metaphor in any way, sorry to say there was no deeper meaning than that, maybe I should start reading over what I write before hitting the publish button! I can see how it would be read as you suggest although that was not my intention. I agree with you when you say leaving shows strength, thanks for reading , kind regards “I”

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