New year, New baby and New Hopes

Hello all, I haven’t posted anything for quite some time, very sorry about that but there has been a lot going on lately, also I am ashamed to say I have not even been keeping up to date with the blogs I follow so I am not entirely sure with how everyone has been getting on or indeed how you may have been, as I was, struggling a little over Christmas. If you have just joined this blog (hello by the way) the reason I say struggling is that an essentially family time such as Christmas can prove to be a difficult period to handle in the aftermath of an affair, regular readers will know that my wife’s affair began at a Christmas party some time ago had has secretly been picking apart the fabric of my life until recently when it was discovered and subsequently ended.

Now that the Christmas trees have been taken down, and all the lights put back in the loft ready to mysteriously tangle themselves up again into a cryptic ball of wires without ends before being needed once more most of us have been back at work or at least returned to our normal lives whilst the shops have started filling the shelves with Easter eggs. And what about me you might ask? (well you probably didn’t but you might) I have been on leave until tonight when I will go back to work as my holiday leave seamlessly merged together with taking more time off for paternity leave due to the arrival of our new baby girl shortly into the New Year. She is a beautiful, healthy baby, and I loved her before she even arrived, I know of course as with my son who is now three that the maths do not work, and that there are no guarantees of either of them being biologically mine but we will tackle that side of things a little later down the road. For the moment I just want to enjoy the innocence of a new born baby and her very proud and protective big brother. Whatever happens between my wife and I as we work our way through the problems we face we are both determined that there must be minimum impact on the children, whilst she want to stay, and wants me to be their father I will be just that and in time to come should we find out that I am in fact not I will remain so as long as they (the children) need me to be.

A happy New Year to you all

Regards “I” 


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