Do you see magic, or just a trick?

Each and every time we see the cloak being pulled away to reveal the empty box we stare in awe, wondering how such a thing is even possible, the excitement each time is akin to that of a child on Christmas morning and we will always ask ourselves “how do they do that?” of course moments later the cloak is returned with an over expressive gesture to the audience and normally the impossibly beautiful assistant is back where she started leaving us with the only plausible explanation as to what happened “magic”

Occasionally, and often without prior consultation a magic trick is explained to us, and the little secret door at the back of the box where the assistant will, with great dexterity, hide is pointed out to us. From that moment on the magic is taken away and the spectacle becomes no more than a trick, we will no longer feel excitement in a future performance and even when the conjurer does his up-most to convince us of his sincerity and tries in vain to show us that there is indeed no special door on this occasion we will still as a spectator will not be able to truly enjoy the moment as it was intended. The magic, expectation and sense of wonder have been taken away from us and no amount of trying will put it back, we cannot by our very nature, remove things from our memory, they may be occasionally out of thought but as soon as we see the performers with their elegant and elaborate costumes our brains will call upon all the details of our past experiences, our brain will remind us that we are being deceived and subsequently will not allow us to truly enjoy the spectacle as it was intended

Life unfortunately works very much the same way, and something like love requires excitement, wonder and the very essence of magic. So in time, it is with a reluctant sadness that we realise when all this is taken away and our world is revealed to us, a world that we once looked upon in wonder is no more than an illusion it can destroy the happiness found in being part of the show. Never the less we find ourselves going back willing to participate as we once did but resigned to the fact that it will never be the same and it would appear there is no magic wand to fix the situation



4 thoughts on “Do you see magic, or just a trick?

  1. Well well well. This is well written and heartfelt. You are right and I am reminded of the sorrows that love brings. To write and to elicit an emotion at the same time is considered a good read. thanx.

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