You will never be alone in a British pub

I mentioned before that it can feel lonely once a decision has been made to remain together. Today is worse than normal because I am writing this whilst sat in the departure lounge at Heathrow airport waiting for my flight to South Africa where I am heading on a work trip until Saturday next week (or this week if your one of those for whom the week begins on a Sunday , I never understood this by the way so if you are one of those people please explain it to me) anyway here I am , sat in a pub (that’s a bar to my American readers by the way, who incidentally outnumber my British ones by at least five to one. Does that mean that infidelity is worse in the states ? Or maybe its my British accent that lures you in … Anyway I seem to be rambling and in real danger of losing the thread of the post, what was it now? Oh yes loneliness , it is always worse when traveling alone but whilst I am Sat here having a beer I have realised that my problems fade away to something rather trivial in comparison to those in the world, yesterday was comic relief here in the UK raising over 70 million pounds for children around the world , well done Britain I doff my hat to you the loneliness here in the pub is subsiding as I speak as every man (and many of you women) have in the last ten minutes rallied together as one clear voice of true British dissaproval (seriously one guy tutted twice and there was almost a riot) as the bar have no Guinness available on st Patricks day , shame on you Heathrow can’t you see some if us need a drink .


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