What to do in only seven minutes ?

So Where was I?

Oh yes I remember, Heathrow airport had ran out of Guinness on St Patrick’s day and I was off to South Africa for a week with work. Those of you who got up early and had your coffee fix will have noticed that this was a week ago and as such I am writing this post not from a busy and rather disgruntled airport bar but from the relative luxury of my office, and before you judge I am working but I have about seven minutes to go before a conference call with the States and as I couldn’t think of what to do in seven minutes that was worth while I thought I would quickly post something interesting ……

three minutes later……

Although I have just made a flying visit to Johannesburg and Cape Town I am actually struggling to find something of interest to blog about, I hope this happens to the rest of you

two minutes later……..

Maybe you could all suggest something to occupy myself next time I find myself in this situation so I have a head start on what I was going to say

Well it’s no good I now only have two minutes and counting before the phone is supposed to ring, and with luck that will be my last action of the day, after which I need to sit down and talk to my wife about where we go next, The baby is 12 weeks old now give or take a day or so and that is the amount of time we suggested we should just forget about things and try to get some order back in our lives before planning what to do next.

we still haven’t done any paternity tests although this is down to me I think and it is now six months ( tomorrow in fact) since I managed to prove her affair.

Should I not have been able to move on more by now?

I am starting to wonder if staying is really worth all the hard work and heartache, maybe life would just be easier if I shrugged my shoulders. put it all down to experience and moved on, anyway on that cheerful note my bat phone is ringing so either the Americans are ready for me or Robin has forgotten his lunch box again  sorry about the somewhat unfocused post will make a note to try harder next time

Stay well




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