If you can love you can stop

Hello, I hope you are well, with luck you are sat in some comfort whilst you read this, perhaps right now you have your feet up with the heating on, after all, this is really awful weather for April, who knows you may even have a glass of wine in one hand and an iPad in the other which of course is todays equivalent of curling up with a good book. (Naturally other tablets are available). Sadly such is the daily rush in keeping up with life that is more likely that this post finds you on the commute to work, waiting at the train station and wondering how they get the coffee quite so hot or aboard the underground reading so that you can avoid any human contact after a bad day at the office in which case I suggest you stop reading for a minute and break the trend by starting a conversation with the person next to you ,after all they might be a rock star or a secret agent and it could just be the most interesting conversation you will ever have, of course you will probably find that they are just another depressed stock broker wondering what’s going on in the world and why he can’t have a bonus this week but I dare say your curiosity is now hard at work and you want to find out. after all waiting to read my ramblings until later can always wait but please stay if you can.

Regardless to the surroundings that you may find yourself in, welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by to have a look. (with luck your still here, but maybe your too busy talking to fighter pilot you just met on the circle line) There is a point to all this before you start wondering when I am going to get on with it and I assure you I am getting there. In fact here we go …

The topic for today my dear reader is, as you would expect.from this blog, infidelity. Ironic that a thing grown from weakness can break the strongest of us.

I often read posts from people in my position, that is to say people that did nothing more than wake up each morning and love the one they promised they would when married, some of course were not wed but that makes the relationship no less meaningful it certainly doesn’t for one second reduce the love or commitment involved and certainly does nothing to dilute the pain experienced when the love given is disgarded by a partner having an affair.  Also from time to time, by chance more than intent, I come across posts from people who have been the guilty party and whilst some seek an inner peace so that they may live with the hurt they cause (which I hope the find)  there are others who gloat about their exploits. It is to these people that I “dedicate” this post , it is to these people, if humane enough to refer to them as such that I would like to explain that there is more to life than what they want, there are more lives at stake than their own and I would like to ask them why they feel it necessary to twist the knife having already been responsible for the mortal blow.

I realise this might upset some people, but in reality if it does it only only emphasises how little they think of others but I have to say it because quite frankly I have had enough of listening (well reading) about how much they enjoyed ruining lives , breaking homes and changing the futures of the people they claim to have been unable to help falling in love with. So today’s post is simply to ask them to please, consider someone else for a change, consider the path that you lay at a childs feet as the future shapes around them, they will be there to suffer the consequences of your misguided actions years after you are forgotten and finally if you are indeed capable of love as you claim start showing the humanity that word envokes and stop writing things that can only cause further pain, something I wouldn’t even wish on you.

Stay well regards “I”


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