Total Recall, what dreams are made of….

If memories are the result of our brains ability to recall something that has happened to us in the past where does that leave fake memories?

 By fake memories I do not mean things that happened to us whilst we were being deceived or mislead, those things after all still actually happened and the event is no less real just because we look back through time with a tear rather than a smile, I am referring to the memory of feeling or more accurately the memory of feeling left behind after dreaming.

In truth we have no real idea why we dream, some argue that it our brains way of cleaning up disk space whilst we are asleep in preparation for the next day, other people will argue that it is only when we are asleep that we can really turn our brains on and let it run riot and others (myself included) just shrug our shoulders and accept we do not know why we do it and hope instead that whatever dreams we will have will end up being good ones with nice memories attached should we be fortunate enough to remember them.

I do not know if it is possible to manipulate dreams although there are many out there that are convinced it is a credible theory but since my wife’s affair I have frequent dreams about her and her affair partner, about us, about the children and about the future we have not decided upon yet and these dreams “feel” real, I know they are not of course and have not lost my grip on reality completely so there is no need to rush out and call for the men with white coats just yet but they feel real and more to the point because I can remember them they create “memories”.

Now as I said before, according to the dictionary memory is the brains capacity to recall information that has happened to us in the past, but clearly a dream is not real and has not happened but the net result is a memory and that doesn’t help.

People say that time heals, but in truth it doesn’t. Time does not heal, it just passes by slowly, unseen and without stopping it just keeps going on its steady course as constant as it ever was but at no point does it actually heal, the healing process if we can call it that comes simply from our brains failure to recall certain details as readily as it once did.  Once the memories stop filtering through quite so often, once they become a little foggy and a little less clear in their projection we start to feel a little bit better and time apparently has done its work. But alas we will dream once more and we will remember and then we can do nothing but wait for time to meander past once more.  


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